A Cadillac for Christ

Today’s need is for a new project one of our team members is launching as soon as we can get some startup funds.Ilya has been with us for 3.5 years (that’s him above on the couch on the right) and came on to help us reach the younger generation. After an initial couple of early projects, like a summer camp we did, Ilya had taken on the role of support staff, because he had a hard time finding his exact place. At the beginning of 2021, however, he felt that God was giving him sufficient clarity to move forward.

The nature of his calling is about combining his interest in youth with his experience helping his wife’s Instagram/TikTok business.The idea itself is a little crazy, risky, and bold, but our team has confronted Ilya with all our skepticism, have prayed over it ourselves, and we are ready to stand behind him in this venture. Moreover, it has the potential to impact our entire ministry and help raise up a new generation of leaders for Christ. 

The idea: to get a Cadillac Escalade (almost no one has one here) and cover it with Bible verses to make it into a conversation piece that he will then put onto TikTok further discussion. Interested people will click a link to hear more about the Gospel and be put in touch with Ilya and/or our team for more interaction and investment.

Confirmation…Ilya has stepped out in faith to start this project, already investing his time and personal finances to reach the younger generation of Russia with the Good News of Christ. God is leading and confirming every step of the way, in fact, even supernaturally.
Bottom line…When you are done and want to give, just go here. Although Ilya is himself on support for his regular ministry, this is a one-time need to get the project off the ground. Ilya has already invested substantial personal funds in this project because he is so convinced that it is of God. He has been working hard and consistently on this project for the last six months, and it’s amazing to see God’s hand on it, and on him. He has gotten a lot less financial support than he needed, which has slowed him down, but it did not deter him one bit. God has sent him connections, creative ideas, and favor. He is down to the final step, just today asking us for advise on what Bible verses to put on his Escalade. So the project almost live!

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