Our Team



Our team as of June, 2018.

SvetaSveta Alekseeva  is one of those rare finds you never want to lose. I needed some administrative help several years ago, and asked one person at church if she knew anyone. That one person turned out to be the right person to ask, because Sveta has never let me down. She worked as an economist before coming to serve full-time with Novo in 2014. She is an economist by profession, and she took a big pay cut to come work for us, but she doesn’t regret it a bit. Since then she has directed both the administrative side of the ministry and has simultaneously grown into various leadership roles for Novo. Sveta has been through every training I have offered. She is a professionally certified Christian life coach through Lifeforming Leadership Coaching, and she is a certified prayer minister through Transformation Prayer Ministry, for which she is lead trainer. She also has led seminars and trainings such as How to Hear God’s Voice and Local Houses of Prayer, as well as Novo Russia’s core mission training program “All for One.” Gifted in personal ministry and passionate about prayer and worship, Sveta tirelessly serves numerous individuals at any one time and still has time to develop her own team of ministers and organize events and plan for strategic growth. Most of all, she loves the Lord Jesus and reserves over 20% of her time each week to seek Him and minister to Him alone. For a season she organized and promoted our Master Classes over Tea. These were a series of evening seminars on a different topic every week, designed to meet new people and introduce them to our ministry and how they can plug in a grow with us more.

She does a beautiful job at everything. I only wish I could pay her what she deserves. Sveta is now working to raise her own financial support. To help us support and keep Sveta, click here. Just mark your donation “for Sveta.”



Zhenya Yelkina comes to Novo with a background in entrepreneurship, having started a number of her own successful businesses in her few years since finishing college. Zhenya is gifted as a teacher and communicator as well, and she wants to bring these three gift sets together to serve Novo’s expansion across the former Soviet Union. She serves intermittently as a volunteer and as funds are available alongside Sveta in co-leading their intercessory team, and they prioritize intercession for Russia as a daily habit.


IMG_1476 2Oyuna Ochirova has grown by leaps and bounds since starting our courses in 2016. With a background in management and marketing, she is eager to help us expose our courses to as many people as possible. She is also leads one of our courses. Oyuna prays a matter through until she gets God’s vision, and then makes it happen. She wants to take our basic training, Real Talk to teenagers online, with a goal to raise up a cadre of teen leaders to teach and lead others. This project will provide a small portion of her income, but she wants to serve full time with us.


c9rjvggmlqqIlya Smirnitsky is our new youth leader – without any youth – yet! We’ve invited Ilya on board to help us plan for and recruit young people to participate in a summer youth camp we organized for 2017. He was also a key player in our project to reach a group of unchurched college students. His vision is to start a sports ministry on the basis of the ministry model we are developing here. Read more about Ilya here. Ilya is also working to raise his own support, and so you can help us keep him on our team here. Just mark your donation “for Ilya.”


fbtd2yakfkaAnna Shlykova began training with us fin 2016, but her background is much richer. As a social worker, Anna served in a ministry working with children and families at risk and in crisis. Her gifts are in counseling, teaching, and she is writing a leader’s guide for our curriculum.  Anna now lives in South Africa, but she is still is with us, and she still travels to Russia periodically to serve. She is helping Sveta lead the TPM training, and Lyle with the Real Talk/All for One trainings.


Anya Gandy also lives abroad – in the far country of Texas! Having served with her husband for several years with Novo in St. Petersburg, they have now relocated to the U.S. Anya, however, still remains in ministry with Novo, and helps our team with the translation and editing of the mounds of material we produce. She also is in training to lead some of our trainings as well. More about Anya and how to support her here.

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