Our Team


xgkklhwhpriSveta Alekseeva  is one of those rare finds you never want to lose. I needed some administrative help several years ago, and asked one person at church if she knew anyone. That one person turned out to be the right person to ask, because Sveta has never let me down. After working for me part time for a year then, she left because I could not pay her full-time. Three years later, it all came back together again, and she is now with us full-time, tutoring our boys in Russian, and working with our ministry the rest of the time. Her main responsibility is to organize and promote our main outreach for this year, Master Classes over Tea. These are a series of evening seminars on a different topic every week, designed to meet new people and introduce them to our ministry and how they can plug in a grow with us more. She is doing a beautiful job. I only wish I could pay her what she deserves. She is an economist by profession, and she took a big pay cut to come work for me, but she doesn’t regret it a bit. To help us support and keep Sveta, click here. Just mark your donation “for Sveta.”



Anna Shlykova has been studying with us for a year now, but her background is much richer. As a social worker, Anna served in a ministry working with children and families at risk and in crisis. Her gifts are in counseling, teaching, and she helps me make my curriculum more understandable.  Anna’s heart now is to expand our ministry in partnership with the Lutheran diocese into a historic church building that is now being turned into a community center. Anna’s own testimony about her journey in and through our ministry is here. To help us support and keep Anna, click here. Just mark your donation “for Anna.”




Oyuna 2.jpgOyuna Ochirova has grown by leaps and bounds over the last six months in our courses. With a background in management and marketing, she is eager to help us expose our courses to as many people as possible. She is also in training to lead our courses over time. Oyuna prays a matter through until she gets God’s vision, and then makes it happen. To help us support and keep Oyuna, click here. Just mark your donation “for Oyuna.”


c9rjvggmlqqIlya Smirnitsky is our new youth leader – without any youth – yet! We’ve invited Ilya on board to help us plan for and recruit young people to participate in a summer youth camp we (mostly Sveta and Anna) are organizing. The goal of the camp is to launch a team that will start a community youth club in the Lutheran church we are partnering with starting this fall. He’s also a key player in helping us read a group of unchurched college students. Read more about Ilya here, and help us support and keep him on our team here. Just mark your donation “for Ilya.”





Denis Popov is, we hope temporarily, out of town starting a new family. A former pastor, he has a lot of ministry experience, and he has a heart to develop a ministry to men and our discipleship program for reaching those outside the church. Currently Denis is also doing a lot of work in translating material into Russian for our training programs. This is paying some of his bills, but we want to make Denis full-time, so he needs some financial support to do so.To help us support and keep Denis, click here. Just mark your donation “for Denis.”




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