Our Mission

Lyle and Roman

For the shortest description for our ministry I have ever managed to give, click here.

Our goal is nothing less than the reformation of society through bold mature Christian
leadership. To this end, nothing but intense investment in key emerging local leaders will
get us there. Moreover, we don’t just want to find individual leaders, we seek profound
levels of teamwork from these leaders so that a synergy of gifts and complementary
ministry can happen.

Our target audience, currently, is change-hungry Christians from across the
denominational spectrum. We have had conservatives, Pentecostals, and Lutherans in our mix. Russia has an orphan spirit that creates both literal orphans and destroys the fabric of family.  Spiritual fathers beget healthy biological fathers who create healthy families.  By creating a team of leaders (fathers), we seek to partner with Christians in leadership in every sphere of the community to bring visible transformation. The whole Church must take the whole Gospel to the whole of society.

We are already seeing lives radically impacted, marriages saved, and even miraculous
physical healings. We teach, model, and practice discipleship of spirit, soul, and body. The result is a completely new level of peace, freedom, and effectiveness in life. Our primary strategy is a new training series that Lyle has written to create intentional Christian communities that grow into mission teams. This curriculum is a year-long program that people from various churches have taken, and entire leadership teams from different churches have been trained. The results so far have exceeded expectations in terms of group health, vibrancy, speed of change, and teamwork. As one woman said, “I feel like I have learned what Christianity is for the first time.”


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