Us, as succinct as possible

We got introduced to a new pastor while in the US who was gracious enough to be willing to introduce us to the congregation on Sunday for prayer. My task: summarize for him our work as briefly as possible. It made me work, and here is the result:

We are here to foster a prayerful community of leaders committed to personal transformation as a basis for citywide transformation.
I use my background in Christian counseling and coaching to foster an environment of spiritual fathering in a country that I characterize as having a profound orphan spirit. We mentor a number of literal orphans as well. Russia is generally a very tough place to serve in, having gone from essentially pre-Christian to post-Christian in one generation, from 1990 to today.
Diana teaches for a Christian school online and does educational consulting for missionary families.
Our biggest prayer in the ministry context would have to be for our family to model the kind of Christ-honoring, other-honoring love we teach as the basis for all ministry. Why? Our training, mentoring, and almost all our ministry takes place in the very apartment we live in, which makes for a great opportunity to influence in a very “fish bowl” context!

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