First impressions are fantastic

I’ll just share with you what I wrote to one of the members of the team from the International House of Prayer who came to lead several days’ worth of training for our core group in June while we were in the US. 


Amanda, Let me give you a testimony. We got back on the 22nd. The first Monday group after that was pretty much review and catching up for the summer, on
their end and mine. This Monday I wanted to start looking ahead and planning for the fall. But the Holy Spirit had something else in mind. The group started praying like I have never seen them pray. The passion, the mutual love, spontaneity and submission and honoring of each other was amazing. I used to experience some of that kind of thing in Richmond, but never once in Russia – anywhere, much less here. In fact, the way they responded to each other when someone felt something and encouraged them to go with it was something I never experienced in Richmond.


It sounds like you had amazing experiences wherever you guys went [around Russia and Poland], but I can assure you that our soil was and is fertile for what God has planted in you. We are a motley crew, but something is now turning a new corner towards some place that I feel will be incredibly exciting. Combining what you invested in them with what they already had is a revolutionary mix. I would do whatever I could to get you to move here!


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