What now with CMU?

Two obvious questions that many will have: what will become of my ministry here through CMU, and what will become of Diana’s ministry through The Potter’s School?

As to CMU specifically, I don’t have all the answers. I have been praying for God to provide a means of continuing what I began her back in 1998. Many great ministries and ministry leaders have emerged over that time to take some of the roles that I saw as necessary for the transformation of Richmond, for which I rejoice. God has made it clear to me that CMU is a viable ministry that this city needs, but what form that next evolution of the ministry takes, and what leadership will emerge, I don’t fully see yet, though some possibilities have emerged. Two other ministries are interested in taking over where I am leaving off. Please pray that God work all this out for the sake of the city.

On the other hand, God has provided a wonderful transitional ministry for me to invest myself in that builds on CMU, but it has a national scope with the likelihood of going international. I have written on this ministry before, and I will devote an entire letter to it soon (meanwhile, see www.withreach.com). It is a ministry that I can take with us abroad, and I am hopeful that it will have applicability where we are in Russia.


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