RealTalk – Real depth in relationships

Real Talk PosterI’ve been a missionary to Russia since 2007, and I was in Virginia in March to reconnect with the city that gave me my start in ministry. I also lead a seminar called RealTalk.

The workshop provides us with a key missing dynamic to every God-given dream in our lives… dreams for our children and family, dreams and visions as leaders of ministry or business, and even our deepest legacy dreams.  This is why it has come to be known as The Second Step To Everything.

Everything starts with an idea, and we know that all worthwhile, enduring ideas are “God ideas.”  But as every worthwhile idea, dream, or vision needs the meaningful engagement of another person or groups of people, that idea then requires this all-important next step.

We teach this material in Russia with great results. It’s not my own seminar. What I do is find the best of the best from various ministries and use that. This material comes from a fantastic ministry, Lifeforming Leadership Coaching out of VA Beach.

Here are some of the comments I got after teaching this seminar:

“It is such a delight to open up and feel that you are understood and accepted, heard and listened to.” – Olga

“I would add that in this course a special time in my life began. Even time is now being freed up in my life for what is happening inside of me. It’s all coming together beautifully!. I long ago understood that each person is a treasure. But it was only a concept, but I felt if for real today! At least I felt the curtain open up just a little! You can see the mystery of it when God is in the process. I don’t see this much in churches. We don’t spend time on how to listen and hear each other, on what God is saying, not just to one person, but to all of us. I love what is happening now! – Janna

“Whether in the business world, in the home, or in everyday life, good communication skills are an important key to success. This seminar offered a perfect balance of information and hands-on practice, and kept me engaged from beginning to end.” – Judy Britton

This seminar I have now integrated into a larger course that I am writing and implementing, both here in Russia and soon in Virginia, called Becoming the Body.


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