Sveta’s a master at Master Classes!

Our whole strategy has changed and picked up speed this fall, and not because our direction has changed, but because it’s a new season – and it’s exciting. We have two goals, one internal, and one external, for this year.

For us as a core team, our goal is to learn how to hear God together in whatever we do.

For our ministry, our goal is to be functioning in at least 4 interconnected teams, which means increasing participation in our work here.

Our main “outreach” this year is therefore to the Christian community, and the epicenter of that outreach is Wednesday evening. We call it Master Classes over Tea, and our go-to is Sveta.

To the right is our flier. We promise (in white):

Relevant topics

Great conversation

Home atmosphere

Around the cup it says, “Foretaste of your future”

Pretty cool, huh?

On the back we list a schedule of topics that changes week to week. The idea is to give a taste of as many topics as possible and thereby reach the largest audience as possible. And early results are great. We have new people each time, and they seem to really enjoy the format. Sveta does an awesome job of creating the atmosphere, making everyone feel comfortable, and keeping the conversation going.

We have topics such as “How to Forgive, Completely,” “The Power of Accountability,” “What are emotions for?” and “How to start a Spiritual Conversation.”

Sveta creates just the right atmosphere.

By the way, Sveta is working full time for our ministry, and she needs her own support if you feel led to help out in this way. More about her is here.


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