Finding Finances for Funding

22310627_747720255429051_5123249423247411898_nI am thrilled to include a post written by one of our team leaders Sveta Alekseeva, who is now actively taking ownership of the need to raise personal support for the vision of our ministry. 

For three days we were given the opportunity to immerse ourselves in Scripture and understand God’s view of finance.


Painful subject
Myles1.jpegThis is a very painful topic for many leaders in Russia and even for a normal Christian. Unfortunately, many leaders are torn between choosing to move in God’s calling, that is, to engage in full-time service, or to remain in secular work, providing for their families, but being discouraged because they have chosen the temporal instead of the spiritual. Unfortunately, at this stage, several members of our team cannot be with us in full-time service for this reason. What to do? God must have an answer!

He heard our prayers and sent us Myles Wilson, who helped us see God’s view of finances, shared from his 44 years of full-time ministry experience, and encouraged us to seek answers in the Scriptures. After all, there are all the answers!
At the end of training each participant:

  • saw God’s perspective on providing for His servants (by the example of Elijah and the widow, 3 Samuel 17:1-24);
  • worked on barriers to moving out in faith, got freedom from fear;
  • by allowing God to change our hearts, received encouragement through Scripture and gained the strength and desire to start moving in search of partners in the ministry.


Interesting comment
I was surprised by Myles’ comment during the training that he had never in his history had to say that the group was too immersed in the study of Scripture! We were so interested in this topic that we did not even notice when it was time to stop and move on to the next task. Here we would like to note the merits of our mentor (Lyle Thomas), who taught us to love diving into studying the Scriptures.

At the end of the training, everyone had to express their gratitude to God in a creative way. Someone in the group wrote music, some painted, and I wrote a poem. All this will remind us of what happened to us during these days.

Learn more about our team here and go here to donate to their support.


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