Anyuta’s Testimony

We held our annual Christmas party this year, and it may have been the best yet. Among other blessings, which were mostly for those in attendance, was this blessing to me, to hear how powerfully our ministry has impacted one person, and to hear how beautifully she was able to articulate it all – and spontaneously at that!

Anyuta, very happily singing the praises of God for how he has used us in her life.

Here is the translation:

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for Real Talk and Lyle’s team. I am very blessed, I had the most difficult situation in which I prayed to God and turned to Him. It seemed to me that I had already forgiven, but I went through their process “How to forgive completely” with Alyona from Lyle’s team. This was when I was able to see my hurt and see that God had forgiven me. It was both a conviction and an opportunity to see my heart from a different angle from which I had not seen. Previously it had seemed to me that everything was fine, everything was cool and I was completely free, but after going through that process where things got opened up and examined deeper, I saw that, deary, there was more to work on.

My team of intercessors and I are praying for Lyle’s team, for Real Talk, for everyone. We believe and know in practice that this ministry is from God, and those methods and processes really helps Biblically, in truth, to go through different moments, look into your heart, open it, work through everything systematically and separate the superfluous. It works amazingly.

I received what may be one of the biggest deliverances of my life. I had had huge resentment for one person, my mom’s boyfriend, but with the help of this process and Transformation Prayer Ministry, it became clear how to work on your heart. I am going through these services and I feel very blessed by it. This is not psychology, this is the opening of one’s heart to God. I realized that you can give all your pain and all your experience to Jesus Christ. That is, I learned that I can give my burden of the past to Him through this ministry. For me, this was hidden. I had thought that I could just give my sins away, that He died for me, and that in the future I would be with him . But the fact that He can bear the past and the pain that I had on the cross, and He can take away all the burden from me, was revealed to me only through this ministry. This is not typical Christian psychology where it’s mixed with some other elements. This is precisely the Biblical teaching about God laid out plain and in order. To understand the Bible, to understand the heart of Christ, to understand how to approach Him, people spend years, decades, we need to devote ourselves to this for years. In this ministry, the process of approaching Christ is more understandable and organized. It immediately says where to look in order to move on and you understand that everything is much simpler. There is an understanding of how to give to God, how to receive, how to approach, how to penetrate into the depth of knowledge of His love and attitude towards oneself, towards people, how to live freer and happier. These ministries from the Novo team help me, by the standards of God, to acquire this lightness, and I found it with the help of this ministry, which is impossible for us, but through God it is easy, and these ministries do just that, and I am happy.

My mother, who by the way has not yet given her life to Jesus, saw a video [on Lyle’s channel – a conversation with me], and she saw that she could speak with Lyle, for the very reason that she saw how he spoke with me about the problem of how to speak with a friend who lost her child. And my mother saw that she could trust this person [Lyle] and open up, though she is a closed person in general. But she saw that it was ok to trust a Christian with her heart, get biblical answers, and that it is not scary, and that they work. And our discussion of this episode, and I believed that this is how you can really solve problems. All is good, and there is no judgement.

And I want to say that I have been through various kinds of ministries, but with Lyle’s team I have never once heard even a hint of judgement from them regarding the problem or a person’s way of thinking. This is really important for me, and I feel so blessed, because I have been through various ministries. I’ve been with psychologists, both Christian and secular, but here I see that this ministry is of God. He looked at me and said, “Yep, you need help. You need first aid – rehabilitation.” And I got it from Lyle’s team, so praise God.


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