Towards God’s heart for Russia

Journaling has become a revolutionary way for me to get in touch with the heart of God for me, for circumstances, and for ministry. Here is a recent example that touches on the heart God is giving me for orphans in Russia. The context is work I was doing this summer on a broad vision statement for ministry.

Here is what I told God in prayer:

I really want the vision I run with to be from your heart, so I feel I should submit everything to you in journaling, so that you can tell me if and where I am off base. I am wiling to be very far off base so that your will be done. My intellect is nothing compared with your inspired thoughts and vision. So I lay down what I have written and ask you to fill the space. 

Son, your vision is good and full of much that is on my heart. Just continue to work on it with your new insights from your new learning and lean to me more than ever before. The best part is in the details, and so there is still much that we can work on together in closer partnership that will give even more passion to the final result. There is more to come that you don’t see yet, and I want to be your source for all of that. You have not yet begun to see the potential of this vision, and I want to fill you with such a sense of anticipation that it will drive you to do whatever you need to to see it happen. There is more to come, and I have a big heart for Russia. I love that country, and it is full of people with hearts that are crying out for me. They are full of such pain, and you have a piece of what I want to give to them…. Dwell with me in intimacy, and I will fill you with my heart that breaks for the Russian people. I love them, died for them, and I will see them raised up to a place of honor in the world. They have much left to contribute to the Kingdom, and they have not yet begun to realize that potential that is bound up in their hearts They are closed to me and my ways for now, but that will change. You can be a source in me of new hope for them. There is an entire army to be raised up that will show the way to this new future. This army will serve not with big ideas but with big hearts and they will show how to love sacrificially for the sake of building up others…. Show them how to love, and they will love even unto death. I have spoken, and I will cause it to come to pass. You must only come to me with all burdens and I will give you rest, direction, and hope. This of course too big for you, but I will cause it to be. This is for my whole Church to perform together. My children will hear my voice, and they will respond to this call for humility in service. There is a cry to go out through the land that our God is an awesome God, and he rules from heaven on earth. I will see my kingdom established in Russia, and it will amaze the peoples of the earth to see me really ruling in a place that was a laughingstock to the world. They pretend to be something, but I will tear that pretense down and build in it’s place a sense of true calling and honor among the nations. Russia is a great nation. I love her, and I will see her come to her place. Yes, it is a good thing, and I will move in the hearts of men to see it pass. There is a dark side to Russia that will also be in operation at the same time. This dark side will grow in the hearts of men as well, and it will take over at some point, but I will see to it that my people, called by my name, will humble themselves and receive from me the kind of power and authority on high that will shake things in a way never seen before. I will cause the powers to see the authority that my Church has on earth. They may not bow to it, but they will not be able to deny it. This will be an awesome thing to behold.

Talk to me, Lord, about your heart for the family, biological and spiritual, and what you are doing to bring transformation.
Families are a mess, and it breaks my heart. Fathers are absent or worse, and I hate to see what it does it my children. How I want to grab them up into my arms and hold them so they can feel my love! There are way too many orphans in Russia. This is a travesty, and their leaders will answer for their treatment of these dear ones. My Church must rise to the occasion and not consider themselves limited to do anything. The orphan spirit is the single greatest threat to Russia at this moment. I see a day when the Body of Christ will see itself as the primary caretaker of families, where the Body will be come a family. Where churches are true families of faith. This is what must happen for there to be an end to the orphan spirit. Fathers must rise up, families must rise up, and families of faith must rise up to take their place at home and in society. Fathers are the key, but they are not where to begin. Fathers much be found and raised up to learn how to lead their homes with love and compassion. Mothers much be found who can learn to love, to trust, and to lean on me for their every breath. This will be the key to finding the fathers that will be raised up to father a new generation. 

What does this have to do with churches, Lord?
It should have everything, but my church is not much of a family today. It is a clubhouse, and this must be broken. You are doing the right thing to want to create a parallel structure for raising up families. There must also be an outreach component in them to the churches to help educate them so they will develop an hunger for a true family. 
How do we create that hunger, Lord?
I will create the hunger in them when they see your example. Your main job is merely to testify to what is happening in your groups as I show up and heal entire families through these fellowships. This is all you need – testimony. 
Do we need to do something in churches, for the churches’s sake?
No, your job is to create a place where healing can take place, and the church will be transformed into a loving family when they see what family can look like. 

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