My best birthday card ever

My birthday was yesterday, and the wife and kids treated me beautifully. Woke up to a Southern breakfast that included sausage gravy, which I never get around here. Came home at the end of the day to a wonderful cheese fondue dinner, and Yuri joined us for this and for some games the kids organized for us all. That’s me in the middle rolling an egg. Much fun was had by all.

I just have to share Kerith’s card, as I think it’s the best I’ve ever gotten. [Note: I always take the kids to Waffle House or McDonald’s on their birthday.] Here is what it said:

Happy Birthday, Dad!
This is a very special birthday because it involves great memories instead of presents. After a few months you will realize this birthday is impossible to forget. I personally did my hard work to show my thanks to you for loving and caring for me. Your kindness is beyond measure. You’re the best dad a boy could ever have. Sometimes I can’t decide which is better, you or Mom. And that’s how I feel right now. I’m lucky to be your son. I mostly enjoy the times when you and me are alone. Having a good laugh and having a godly discussion is just great. I really enjoy those times and will for the rest of my life – he! Wouldn’t it be a surprise if I took you to Waffle House or McDonald’s sometime when you are in  your 70’s. I might. 



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