From France into Frenzy

The blessings that came during our time of rest and refreshment in France were tremendous. It was an amazing time of total rest for a full month in a setting the could not have been more to our tastes and needs. The ins and outs of what we did are here, and some of the great spiritual blessings are recorded here.

We return to what seems to be an almost predictable battle. Nearly everything about our lives are in question:

  • Our washing machine has kicked the can;
  • Our internet has had numerous challenges, and two pieces of hardware died;
  • Our ability and desire to stay in our apartment is more in question than ever, given its increasing decay, the lack of support in fixing things from the owner, and her general distasteful attitude about things;
  • We have to start our residency process all over again now, which you may remember was a huge process three years ago. The good news is that, if we get it, it will give us stability for 5 more years;
  • We are changing our kids’ school schedules, bringing Kerith home full time, and Simon will be down to 2 days a week in Russian school. Schedules and tutoring are not all nailed down.
  • I’ve been in prayer about where God wants me to focus this fall, because I have new opportunities and only want to go where He wants me;
  • Yuri disappeared and has re-appeared again, but he’s in a real battle for a place to call home.
  • Our biggest battle, however, is surrounding the new Orphans Reaching Orphans project. My sense is that it is so potentially powerful that the Enemy could not leave it alone. Beyond a difficult funding atmosphere so far, the far greater concern is a relational breakdown on the American side that is wreaking havoc. Suffice it to say that it is painful, difficult, and chaotic, which God is not the author of. I have been in intense prayer over it, and I feel that God has given me good direction, which mainly has to do with walking in love and humility, but I need all the prayer I can get here. The project itself is off to a great start.  


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