Meeting updates

To our great regret, we have had to cancel both of this weekend’s gatherings. Why?

  • Snow is coming yet again (this isn’t the Richmond I remember), and even though it still may not be prohibitive,
  • Packing is upon us to get ready to leave the state on time, and Diana is feeling pretty overwhelmed and exhausted from all the moving around; time to be a good husband.
  • Simon is sick.
  • A situation has come up with Diana’s family that we have to respond to.

Is this a spiritual attack? Yes. It seems to be an attempt to thwart connecting with people in Richmond, and to wear Diana out, and thus her capacity to serve long-term. I refuse to accept defeat, and we are not close by any means, but I don’t want to tolerate even small victories by the enemy. We’re feeling pretty taxed at this point and ready to get home in Russia. Prayers welcome.


2 thoughts on “Meeting updates

  1. Thanks for letting us know about the rescheduling, Lyle and Diana. We will not be able to attend, however, because we have a "family" birthday party scheduled then. Not sure when you are returning to St. Petersburg, but hope we can connect; i.e., meet for coffee, have dinner, or something before your family returns there. Love & prayers, Sharon & Steve Stells

  2. We are praying that you will be strengthened supernaturally even as you prepare to leave the US. We stand with you and agree in Jesus' Name that no weapon formed against you will prevail!

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