A new lesson for Dad

Simon got up from nap yesterday crying. He sometimes does that when you get him up prematurely, but this was not the case. Moreover, he kept going, and going, and going. It wasn’t pain; he just wanted to cry on my shoulder. Try as I might, he wouldn’t tell me what was going on. So I just let him cry for a while. But when it still didn’t stop, I thought, “why try to make him talk? Just speak to his spirit some generic encouragement.” I started to tell him how much we love him and care about him. Immediately the crying got worse. I knew I had hit on something, so I kept going with other such words of affirmation and love. He was getting more worked up, so I knew that he was fighting receiving these truths at some level. So then I said, “Simon, whatever you are hearing, it’s time for you to resist it. Don’t give in to what you are thinking. We do love you and care about you no matter what.” And what do you know? He calmed down.

Later, I found out the source of the pain: today, he wet the bed for the first time in several weeks. How cool that I could speak to his pain, even when he was too ashamed to talk about it.
This is one way God has been teaching me the heart of a real father lately by keeping a soft heart towards my real Father.

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