Where is our ministry going long-term?

We don’t plan to leave Russia. I sometimes even tell Russians that we will die there (I’m in the states as I write on furlough). This really shocks them, since they are not used to missionaries being so committed to them. Of course God’s will be done, but I really can’t see having a significant impact in less than 10 years in any event. Why?

  • Russians are slow to trust you.
  • The problems are deep and entrenched.
  • Our ministry is not about getting quick decisions for Christ and once-for-all changes.
  • It has multiple phases:
  1. Find those individuals, ministries, churches, and organizations (businesses?) that are hungry for transformational change – change that starts in the heart and affects everything
  2. Invest deeply in them so until their strongholds have given way to the Lord, until their dreams align with His purposes, their relationship with Him is deep, abiding, and infectious, and until others are learning from them.
  3. Gather these “fathers” together into teams who can dream God’s dreams for the city and nation. Coach them into praying and thinking strategically together.

This step is really the beginning of where the potential comes. I could relish the thought of helping such a team implement these exciting large-scale dreams into reality. Yet this is where I could theoretically see us moving on should God so move us.


One thought on “Where is our ministry going long-term?

  1. I love what you shared about staying there "forever." Wow, what a testimony. This is my first visit to your blog, but not my last. I enjoy everything I hear about your ministry. You guys have such a dynamic family.

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