Can we pray for you?

Without the faithful support and prayers of a whole lot of people, not only would we not be here, but we would have not chance of thriving in the assignment God has for us. We send everyone on our mailing list news every month that includes prayer requests, and I send a small group of intercessor more specific updates and needs. It’s such a blessing to hear back from you how God has prompted you to pray for us.

Now, we can turn the tables! I carry a list around with me that I refer to periodically of prayer needs, including local issues here and requests from friends and family at home. Not only do I want to formally ask for your needs, but our sending agency, CRM is asking for your prayer requests too! Here is an excerpt from their recent letter to us:

It is with great joy that we invite you each to participate in the CRM Day of Prayer on October 2, 2008. Each year CRM staff all over the world set aside one day to intentionally pray for the organization and for our financial supporters. Our donors minister to us so graciously through their prayers and financial resources, and we desire to bless them through interceding on their behalf. We invited your donors to send us their prayer requests, which we will be passing along to you.

Henri Nouwen puts it well—prayer is indeed like breathing. In this modern age of omnipresent cell phone devices, the widespread disease of perpetual business, and little patience for that which cannot be microwaved, it can be a struggle not to relegate the place of prayer to a Sunday ritual or those situations when nothing man has made seems to work. It is essential to regard prayer is a sacred gift given to us by our Heavenly Father, and to make space for our core beliefs about prayer to translate themselves into daily practice. Prayer is breath—it is vital for every moment of life—and works to put us into right relationship with God, by defining our place as a Created being depending upon the provision of our uncreated Creator.

So send them over – either to CRM (Jamie Rosenberry) or us directly. If the former, then you get the blessing of having a bunch of serious pray-ers taking your needs to the throne. They will forward them to us. It will be an honor to lift you up on the 2nd.


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