Kerith speaks — an interview with Mom

Mom: Today was “Pervii zvonok” (First Bell). What was that all about?
Kerith: I was going to 1st grade. It was fun. I saw all my friends, and I was relieved that I saw them again. This was because the celebration had started today. First graders go to second, and all the grades are changing. I loved it.

Mom: What happened at the celebration?
Kerith: We had a little ceremony at the school, and we had some tea, candy, and cake. It was awesome. Yummy!

Mom: Tell me about the ceremony.
Kerith: We sat with our teacher, Tatiana Vladimirovna, and every class had to walk to the microphone and call out their name. I was going to just say a grumble when it was my turn for the microphone, but I managed to get out my name. There was a skit with Max, Artyem, the principal, my teacher, and all the teachers. We sang songs.

Mom: The kids all brought something to the ceremony. What was it?
Kerith: Flowers to their teachers. I had an orange one. My friend Nicholas had a pink one. (His was bigger than mine.) A new first grader was named Smile. (Which is a crazy name. I don’t know why his parents named him that.)

Mom: What are you looking forward to the most in first grade?
Kerith: At recess always meeting Simon and seeing Anna Mikhailovna, my Kindergarten teacher.

Mom: What was different today than the first day of school last year when we had first arrived in Russia?
Kerith: We had a different school. The building where we were needed the third floor, so we had to move. I couldn’t speak one speck of Russian when we first came to Russia. Today I could speak almost as much as a Russian needs to speak. I understand what the ceremony meant.

Mom: Is there anything else you want to say about today?
Kerith: Today is Switch Day. I’m going to First Grade. Simon has a couple new friends in Kindergarten, and Lydia signed up for Art School. Everybody is changing where they are supposed to go to.

I think I’m done. BYE!!!


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