Our New Apartment

We have some new photos to add to our display.

The building is a two-story apartment building, which is unusual in itself. It was build by German prisoners of war after WW2, so it’s considered good quality.

As with most entrance ways, it’s nothing to write home about (although I guess that’s what I’m doing, isn’t it?).

As soon as you walk in from the outside, you enter the apartment, which is uncommon. The advantage for us is that most stairwells (including the one we endure now) are terribly nasty, since no one takes responsibility for them.

The hall is huge: nearly 400 square feet, so we can treat it like another room. So for a mere $1000/month (mere!), we get 4 large rooms, plus this hall, plus a decent kitchen. That’s a steal around here.

All the rooms are large, except Lydia’s. Overall, the square footage is over 1000.

The bath is a good example of the owner’s paint work. The background is wallpaper, and the larger flowers are hers.

The kitchen and hall were then only rooms that had furniture come with them. Most of the time, apartments actually come furnished here. So now we have begun to look for furniture.

As you might imagine, furniture from scratch is a major expense, so we welcome any help towards these costs that you can offer.

The room here is becoming a multi-purpose room, probably mainly for our office and schooling (although until we get another table, the kitchen will do). Lydia also likes it to practice her hoola hoop.

We are very happy with our new bed, but you can see we still live out of suitcases. Take a closer look at the wallpaper there.

We have turned the end of the hall into our living room, and the opposite end is Diana’s laundry area.

The detail that the owner did I like a lot.

The boys’ room is wonderfully large, so there is plenty of room to set up their train set and their tent.


3 thoughts on “Our New Apartment

  1. L & D, The apartment is wonderful. Nothing like I had expected. Can’t wait to see the boys room & Lydia’s balcony. We love you and miss you, Sara

  2. Fun to see pictures of where you will be living. Thanks for keeping us posted on how you are doing. We are adjusting as well in New Orleans, but we are doing well.The Carlsons

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