Hungary for Rest

It was a year ago that we last rested — right before this whole race to prepare to leave for Russia began in August of 2006. Even though our week-long trip to Sopron, Hungary was a CRM staff conference, it felt like a breath of fresh air to slow down and not have to work for once. (and Diana says, ” and not have to cook and wash dishes.”)

And the whole topic, ironically, was on Sabbath. What needed words for all of us! The title of the conference “The Rest of God” is from the book of the same title by Mark Buchanan. We highly recommend you run, not walk, to a bookstore near you. The challenge to us is how to incorporate aspects of rest into our lives back here in St. P.

The kids were in their own program all week, run by some wonderful people, who did a sort of mini VBS for them. Above is a picture of Kerith (Lydia is at the end of the table.) with most of the other CRM kids in the hotel dining room. All our children benefited from playing with kids in their same shoes — living in a culture that is not their home culture.

During our free times in the afternoon, we swam, hiked, and spent time alone with God in prayer. Kerith and Lyle found the large outdoor chess game to their liking, as you can see. In the evenings we heard team reports and learned about all the exciting things God is doing through our colleagues across Europe.


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