Galina’s Testimony

I have known Galina (Galya) and her husband Mikhail (Misha) for several years. They are some of my favorite people. He is a pastor, and they have adopted several orphans and are leaders in the national coalition “Russia without Orphans.” I thought her recent testimony about her experience in our seminar and mini course Real Talk worth its own post.

Galya and Misha

I am currently completing a mini – course called Real Talk (online, once a week, 5 lessons). It seemed to me more than Real. I would very much like to recommend it to every church-going Christian, every family, pastor and his entire church, every minister and his team, parents with teenagers, and all of our best team of Russia Without Orphans Alliance, and my favorite friends from the worship ministry.

What I didn’t expect:
Knowing the pedagogy and psychology of trauma, I was pleasantly surprised to discover something that I had not seen in the Word of God before – a new perspective, more precisely from a different angle, on spiritual orphanhood. This helped me even more in working with orphans, with foster families, in counseling and in simple interpersonal communication. This complemented, and thereby changed the paradigm of my thinking.

This course can greatly enrich and unite your environment, your ministry, communication within your family. How you can achieve maximum understanding, conduct a correct dialogue, hear and be heard.

With all my heart I am grateful to those who organized this work. I love to find for myself the essence of everything. Therefore, I immediately was drawn to the well-built, ordered system of organization, the entire infrastructure and its unique analysis. This approach and its underlying theoretical framework is completely unique in my experience.

I also see that I was moving in a very similar direction, but somehow intuitively in my relationship with God and people. And I was glad that I found a lot of confirmation of my “intuition” in this course.

I believe that taking the mini-course has greatly enriched my ministry in counseling, serving, and encouraging foster families. Therefore, I want to continue training in the following courses.

Personalities and people are always the greatest value for me, and I saw that this course opened even more tools for finding treasures in them.

Misha and Galya

“Real Talk” will greatly improve the climate and work of teams in church, and at work. Personally, it showed me the essence of something that had always interested me in the Bible: what is the meaning of the unity within the Trinity, as well as within Churches. It’s about making God and His Kingdom available to people. And it’s about how these principles, tools, approaches can be transferred into interpersonal interactions, and why they are important and to what end.

My heartfelt gratitude to the developers of the course for all the work done that happened inside me and, I hope, will produce spiritual fruits in many more hearts.


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