Course Testimonies

No crisis will slow down our work! Summer is normally a slow time anyway in Russia, but with Zoom, training has been growing, and most encouragingly among ministry leaders and pastors from a wide swath of Russia. Here are some of the testimonies we have gotten:

Thanks to the tools and skills we got in this training, I was able to see the inner world of my own teenage son and hear the unspoken questions he had been asking, and in so doing to restore my lost relationship with him. Thank you! – Oyuna

I recommend this course (The King’s Community). It’s not at all like others, not just good “encouragement.” Rather, it’s gets you into understanding for yourself the Word, and why and how it applies to you. You learn to see experience, and apply a biblical perspective on how to deepen your relationship with God, Christians, and everyone around you. – Alexander

Thanks be to God for sending Lyle Thomas to Russia. Praise the Lord!!!! I and my husband serve men who have come upon hard times and live on the streets. Real Talk helped us hear these people better, to understand what was important to them and serve them better. It’s so interesting: no one has ever really heard them before. No one finds them interesting. But we get to share how much God loves them, and that we do too. God really loves them. – Rita

I haven’t known anyone to regret participating in these trainings! They are beneficial to everyone without exception! The way they approach building relationships is unheard-of in our institutions of education! Unfortunately, I, having three advanced degrees, felt like a first grader in this course)))) And praise God! – Evgenia

We got to know Real Talk and [Lyle’s] team on a family retreat in Bryansk. It was a magical 5 days! ….Thank you, team! You infected us with your joy, taught us, helped us see our weaknesses in conversation! And most of all: you helped us see how to pray and trust God in any situation! Blessings to you!!! – Oksana

I believe that taking the Real Talk mini-course has greatly enriched my counseling ministry and my work with adoptive and foster families. Therefore, I want to continue training in the following courses [that Lyle offers]. – Galya (who’s full testimony deserved it’s own post!)


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