Spreading relational viruses

In my old ages I’ve pretty much settled on one life message, but I can write, teach, or talk about it from a hundred angles. That message is looks something like this:

  • We were made for relationship.
  • We are most fulfilled in relationship.
  • We are most productive in relationship.

My message and my dream is to see the Body of Christ actually function as it was intended to. I’ve yet to see it as I envision it, but that only drives me to seek it even more. For the past year I’ve been consumed with a project to put all my experience, thoughts, wisdom, and hope down on paper in the form of a training course, actually three in one, that some groups have started going through here in Russia. And the results are as good or better than I had hoped for, as this testimony describes. The entire process starts with a simple but powerful seminar called RealTalk that teaches participants deep listening skills and the ability to find agreement with each other on any topic.img_2686

Word has started to get out about RealTalk, and so I was invited recently to lead it for a church. The participants seemed very happy. The pastor and his wife were very happy, so much so they invited me back the next day to preach. But my sermon turned into a second day-long seminar, based on a related teaching I have developed on the 36 One-Anothers of Body Life. As a result, they asked me to come back once a month, and their sister church has invited me to teach as well. That’s a tall order, but I’m grateful for the feedback.



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