Seeking the key people

I have in the past spoken and written about the amazing prophetic word that God gave to a most unlikely source concerning Russia: Hudson Taylor, a 19th Century English missionary to China, not known for moving in the prophetic. What follows is a no less amazing word for completely different reasons. This message was given by Lester Sumrall, an evangelist well-known in Russia during the awakening of the 1990’s, but whom I knew nothing about before a couple of years ago. Our core group has latched onto this message as a sort of keynote address to our team, because it touches on themes that we feel like we are uniquely addressing such as key person ministry, one-on-one discipleship, and society-wide Kingdom impact. That’s the stuff we love to dream of. Here is the text of it (and here in Russian, along with some other such messages) delivered on October 24th, 1993, which was exactly a year after Diana and I got married, for what it’s worth:

This will be a whole new experience of My supernatural power.

Lester Sumrall

The purpose of this visit is not the outpouring of signs and wonders for thousands of people and crowds, nor noisy meetings as before, when I reminded the Church of the Holy Spirit , without which it can not exist, and of which she forgets. The goal is not to harvest thousands at a time, no, but the goal is winning the ones, the ones that will affect millions, all over the country .

Do not be deceived, waiting for signs and wonders, because in waiting for them you may miss Me. It will shake the minds of many believers who will expect the outpouring of signs and wonders, and eventually they will be sorely disappointed and say that there is no revival, but I say that signs and wonders will follow you, behind you, and what you expect like an awakening with signs and wonders, I will do as I promised, but as no one ever expected, and no one in the world has ever experienced except the experience of the Church described in the Acts of the Apostles, which has been missed by most churches.

I’ll shake the whole experience of churches around the world, for I am doing a completely new thing, with new people. This includes not only a spiritual awakening, but also a complete reorganization of the political and economic spheres the likes of which has never been seen. The contrast between the two kingdoms is so obvious that it would be as day differs from night. The difference between them will be visible not only in the spiritual realm, but very clear in the physical, as both kingdoms manifest two systems of relationships, two ways of life, thoughts and actions.

First, it is the kingdom of God , which first penetrate into the sphere of economics and politics and shake demonic system that for so long held in their hands the economics and politics of the country.

Second, a system of the Antichrist, the new and final.

The former Soviet Union is the place where there is the center of spiritual warfare, where is the greatest concentration of demonic forces that has ever existed. This is because there is also the strongest concentration of my work that I spend now. In my visit to this land the purpose is not winning thousands at a time for Christ, but sometimes just a key person who holds in his hands the people’s fate; not a noisy evangelization but quiet one-on-one meetings, which I will arrange for My people with those who play or will play an important role in this country. This is not going to be like the times when I, in my mercy, just poured out My grace, and people without any effort opened their arms and accepted, but it will come through the efforts of my people who now, in a time of abundance like Joseph in Egypt, gather into barns bread, learn to hear My voice, get vision and plan how to do it.

There are different times – sowing, ripening fruit picking (harvest ) Then times will come of hunger so suddenly. And many will rush to seek me, to hear what to do, but the price of bread during a famine is very high, and many will pay a very high price, very – very high . Collect bread! This is My plan for you today. I will send a famine in the land, and the people that you offer the bread to in the days of plenty, who ignored it, rejecting it, when the famine gets serious, they will turn to Me and come running to you, because you have the living bread and can give them the true Bread of Life that satisfies. And when you give it to them, I will multiply it in your hands , for whoever has, to him more will be added. And those whom I brought here to help you will see my original plan.

Do not be surprised that they do not yet see everything that I am doing here, and do not see all the people that I am preparing and giving vision to. This is not because they do not want to or are blind, but because they can not take in all now that I have for this country, since there has never been such an experience before. But when they see all the things happening and want to help you and be with you, then they won’t be able to because I will close the doors and borders, and my people will not able to rely on their help.

The church which I will build on this land will not depend on a single dollar from abroad, but depend entirely on me. When it starts to come true, and light of the Gospel begins to penetrate into areas formerly under the full control of Satan and win people holding important positions in this country, then all hell will rise up against my people, but people will say nothing against you, nor do anything nothing to you. Nobody can blame my church that she is bought by the West and that foreigners founded it. I will close every mouth by the facts that, first, the door for outside help will be closed, and my people will rely on my help; secondly, the Church will be fully provided for and will have everything you need for yourself and for the hungry and thirsty who will come to my people when the famine gets severe. And thirdly, My sheep will know my voice and be obedient to My Holy spirit , and among them will be a unity of thought, word, and action.

My Spirit will guide them where it seems that there is no way, as I will provide everything my church needs to go through the days that I will bring to this earth. And I am already preparing people’s hearts for the coming harvest, which will come by my visitation, which will shake the gates of hell. And then I’ll open the doors of this country, but not for many come here as it was before, but to let the fire out of it into all the earth. And many will take this fire and carry it worldwide. I said that I will visit this land, and therefore pray not for revival, but to receive my vision and know what place you occupy in it, for I have for each of you a part in this vision.

The goal for you is not the flow of signs and wonders. Your goal is to know My voice, my vision, and reach the people whom I will give to you when you have complete obedience and submission to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and to be in unity and experience the power of agreement.


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