It’s a wrap!

It’s finally springtime, and we are approaching our one year anniversary in St. P. It feels like we are emerging from our winter cocoon, just like the trees and flowers. Reflecting on the school year, we notice the kids’ growth and development in particular. And they are thriving just like the blossoms and new leaves.

In September we knew practically nothing about the school Zhatva (“harvest”) and had not a scintilla of idea about what our boys would accomplish during the school year. I remember Kerith and Simon sitting at the “First Bell” program with their classmates on day 1 with a glazed-over look. They did not understand what was happening to them, nor could they understand what was said! I (Diana) sat in the audience of parents tearing up because, well, because we were sending my boys off to school for the first time in a brand new country with a brand new language, new teachers, and new cultural rules. It was a lot to digest for all of us.

Nine months later we sat at the “Last bell” program watching Kerith graduate to the 1st class. I teared up again, but not because of the unknown, but because God brought us through the obstacle course of Russian schooling. Kerith and Simon were not clueless anymore! They knew everybody and participated in the class recitations and songs.

Pictured here are:
1. The school.
2. The boys’ class singing a song.
3. Kerith’s future 1st grade teacher praying over the upcoming class (who seemed more interested in looking at their class pictures).

Kerith’s shining moment was reciting his own verse (click on the video below) to the crowd. He projected loudly and spoke slowly and almost without accent.

Loosely translated (and regrettably not with the original rhyme and rhythm):

Yep, now we’re already big,
Going to study in 1st grade.
So for our cherished Kindergarten,
Today is our last day.

Everybody cheered, and we said a prayer of thanks.


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