Because of Samuel

Scott and Tricia Kennedy entered our lives through an email. Friends of theirs, who attend one of our supporting churches, Church of the Hills, in Duluth, GA, suggested Scott and Tricia contact us upon learning their adoption journey would lead them to St. Petersburg. Last winter Tricia wrote to us explaining they would arrive in December near the holidays. Could they look us up?

Sure, we said. Look us up when you get here. Oh, and could you bring some things from the US for us? Little did we know how that first email would impact our lives over the coming months.

During their December visit, Scott and Tricia stayed for 10 days due to mandatory adoption regulations. They met their future son, 5-year-old Samuel, only once or twice, and had lots of time on their hands otherwise. We took them Christmas shopping and spent part of Christmas Day together. What a joy! Scott and Tricia are “kid magnets”, and they attracted our kids from the very first minute. It was easy to feel like we had known them for years, and they certainly brightened our first Christmas without family. We prayed for a positive outcome of the adoption process so that they could return for a court hearing. The months passed with no phone call.

Finally in April, Scott called. “We’re coming!” We were blessed to host them in our apartment and share in their joy when the court officially appointed them as parents of Samuel. The end of a long road was in sight. Despite their busy trips out to the orphanage on the outskirts of town, legal matters, and the emotions of such an endeavor, Scott and Tricia wove their way deeper in our family’s heart. Scott even played handyman and helped hang light-blocking shades! They brought over American treats too — peanut butter, chili mix, and very special gifts for the kids.

The Kennedys headed back again to GA for only a week before returning to finalize the adoption. This time they would arrive as 2 and leave as 3! Again, they showered us with love and brought over more items in storage with Lyle’s parents and homeschooling books. A big highlight was taking our kids swimming in their hotel pool. (see picture) After a wonderful dinner together, we parted for the last time. It was raining, appropriately. The dreary weather mirrored our feelings.

The Kennedys are home now and learning to live as a family of three. We thank God for bringing Scott and Tricia into our lives and for allowing us to share their selfless journey of adopting Samuel.


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