Nastya’s Testimony

I got an unexpected letter of thanks today that blew me away from Nastya, who is training to be a life coach with me, and who spent some time when she and her future husband lived in St. Petersburg in our trainings. Later I married her and Max in my first and only such wedding in Russia to date.

I am not a master of writing correctly, but I will write from the heart, as it comes from the heart, how meeting you gave me solid support and the path to my harmonious relationship with Max and other people. We, people, everyone… is constantly being influenced by someone; we are social beings and so often we lose ourselves in others. We are influenced. And this is our destiny, we are in the stream of life, in the stream of relationships. But how amazing that in you I did not lose myself but found myself!

I came to faith, and Christianity cut me from my [former] cloth of a cunning and nimble, sinful girl, into an honest person striving for perfection, but which also nourished me with an arrogant attitude towards others and hypocritical righteousness.
But what is so amazing, I met YOU on the way, between my wanderings in various teachings, and it’s amazing how your influence TRANSFORMED me – the knowledge, the tools that you gave me, gave DIRECTION to my life. They gave me a way to be healthily present for people, and also a renunciation of my desire to see a log in everyone’s eye.

With a smile and warm emotions, I remember our year and a half with you in St. Petersburg. How you led our group and Max and me was amazing, one of the best memories of my life. And I honestly miss that time so often. It was so warm and homely. Everything seemed to flow. And you always reminded me of my loving grandfather. Somehow outwardly you are similar and with such a carefree love that next to you, I felt at home❤️ You gave me healing, direction, wisdom, true and necessary communication tools. You are more than a teacher for me, and to some extent even I will not be afraid of this word: Father.

I was looking for a reliable person to whom I can entrust my wedding and was able to trust you. You even played the role of the Father at my wedding. It was so symbolic, because you really were in this role that whole year before our wedding. And I’m sorry I didn’t say this sooner! There are so many more people I want to write a thank you letter to! But I’m so busy with our conversations with Max (using to your tools, our conversations are so deep and interesting that it’s hard to break away from such communication) that there is no time to do this😀😉

What would be different if I didn’t meet you… I don’t even know, Lyle, and I don’t really want to imagine such a prospect😀.
Firstly, I would not have known the pleasure of such wonderful fellowship with my husband, I could not have found friends in different cities, I would not have expanded my consciousness. And secondly, I would either be a dominating force at church and a hypocritical church leader, or I would simply go into the world, into psychology without God, and then think that it is not God who teaches me and gives me tools and wisdom, but that I am so cool and smart. But how great is His mercy in all this and His hand! Hallelujah! It’s amazingly wonderful. Thank you Lyle ❤️


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