The kids’ summer plans

21318815_661212477600910_3906276586128208388_oLydia is finishing up studies at Wheaton College this term after three years there. She’s in a pre-nursing program that has her do the bulk of the nursing studies elsewhere. Her sense of call to serve in the area of human trafficking has not abated, but she wants to re-group this summer before committing to the next phase of studies. To that end she has decided to dive deep into a God-sized challenge: she has agreed to go with Kerith to the mountains of Wyoming for a 40-day adventure that Kerith has done twice before through Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries.  We all made this decision to send them before the bottom fell out of the world economy. We are still moving ahead on faith that God will provide the means. Lydia has set up a Gofundme page for anyone to help her make the $5000 budget.


Kerith, for his turn, is excited to return, not only to be with his sister, but to center himself in his identity and faith before heading off to college this fall. The experience in 2018 had a major impact on him, as his testimony at the end of the trip indicates (skip to 12:20 to see his part), and he hopes for even greater things this time around. As to college plans, he has narrowed the field from the four acceptances he got down to two: GA Tech and Rose Huhlman Institute of Technology. It boils down to financial aid at this point, but he is leaning towards RH, all things being equal. His interest is in mechanical engineering, with add-ons of aerospace and math. Gifts towards his costs are also needed and appreciated.

Simon has decided to go back to Brevard Music Center, where he fell much more deeply into music two years ago. His desire since has only grown. Here are two of his audition recordings: (Bach) (Chopin)

And, yes, we need help with paying for Simon’s tuition as well.


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