Time: a poem

Every once in awhile I try to expand myself out of my left-brained box, hopefully in cooperation with the Spirit. Here is my latest attempt, which I wrote one day while at our agency’s semi-annual conference. The challenge to us was to write a lament.

How long is time for you, O Lord?
What does the moment mean for you?
When the nations stumble and suffer,
And seem so far from seeking what is true –
How big is the work you are doing right now?
How deep and how wide will it go?
For me it is slow; it is painful; it is hard
To see history repeat, to see progress thwarted,
To wait for the seed to sprout.
To wait for a sleeping soul to awaken.
We say, “Come!” but we sprint and you stroll.
We say, “Help!” but we stop waiting, and so you do.
Will you show yourself strong and blow us away,
Or will you show yourself a babe, all hidden away?

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