An open letter from Anastasia

My place in God’s plan is in unity and love in the Church! It’s great to find one’s place in a common cause. And thanks to the mentoring of Lyle Thomas, I have found it. Prolife ministry in Russia is gaining momentum. Primarily Orthodox Christians are involved. During this last year, I have been able to meet with Protestants who are in my city and Moscow are working with the problem of abortion. It takes a very special dedication. Of course, when we organize a campaign

Nastya with leader of 40 Days for Life Robert Colquhoun.

such as “40 Days for Life” or a flash-mob “Thank you I’m alive” a lot of sympathizers show up. But in our country you can almost count on one hand those who are serious about this ministry. With the help of God and His comissioning, I am one of these handful. I am grateful to Lyle for all those meetings he has organized for me over these past couple of years. For example with the directors and staff of Pregnancy Resource Centers in the United States. These amazing people inspired me to beleive that anything is possible. And also the people I have met in my town have been wonderful for me.

The text reads, “Life begins at conception.”

Lyle and I sometimes even look at each other with wonder at God’s work, when such an unusually key meeting takes place that changes the course of events. The Spirit captures our hearts by what we see of God’s hand in all these cases.

This year, I and my small team will participate in the All-Russian competition “Pro-life” with the project “One Moment of Life.” It involves social advertising and information leaflets promoting the idea that human life begins at conception. More about the project can be found here. The very fact of this project was a miracle. A miracle of relationships. I love to raise up the talents in others, and young students have gathered around me, who are burning with ideas. They are just a bit lacking in the courage that comes with experience. And I manage to encourage them that everything is possible. Living for others – that really paints life in color.

What are my plans? To move in the flow of God’s love for people. I believe that even impossible is POSSIBLE! (If you want to follow the development of my work, ask Lyle, just like I do!) If I may, Lyle’s friends are my friends! Together we are the body of Jesus Christ, and I love you all and hope to meet you, not only in the next age, but in this life!

With tenderness, Anastasia!


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