Nastya’s 40 Days for Life

Our work towards the formation of a pro-life/post-abortion ministry here in St. Petersburg is moving forward, building now on a foundation of prayer. Prolife email
We did not get the funding we had hoped for for Nastya to move into full-time ministry while I was in the US last year, but one sign of God’s call on Nastya is that she is moving forward anyway. This month she took on the leadership of the campaign 40 Days for Life, which originated in the US, and only last year started in Moscow.

Nastya by sheer Providence happened to be in Moscow for work at the time of the final celebration at the end of the 40 days – as the only representative of St. Petersburg. Now through her leadership, we have scores of people on our list committed to praying for God’s light to break through this critical stronghold in the city.


Not that we don’t have some hope for funding too, by the way. One dear friend who met Nastya when she was in the States last year found a rare print by a popular painter and sold it, donating her profits to our work here.

In another case, a Pregnancy Resource Center in NC felt led to give this ministry a donation. And that from a ministry that needs money itself!
And lastly we have a businessman well connected in ministry and foundation circles searching for funding for us.

And some amazing synergy is happening because of this project with some of our other projects. For example, our prayer team has joined in to support Nastya, as well as our Disciple Making Movements team. They both see the value of strategically investing in her project to advance their own visions. This is a foretaste of where we are all going – complementary projects working together towards a common vision.
So we’d ask you to join us in thanking the Father for the confirmations He has given of His hand on this work, and for the completion of what has begun.


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