Come visit us!

My home church in Georgia is organizing a vision-casting trip for those interested in getting a first-hand look at what God is doing here in St. Petersburg. Coming off of their initiative, we decided to open the trip to other interested parties. So far four churches have joined the discussion. This isn’t going to be your average short-term missions trip. I think a better term would be an Urban Adventure.

The team decided after looking over several options for ministry projects that I proposed that what they felt led to do was just come and immerse themselves into our ministry environment. What does that mean?

  • See our home/ministry center. Those who have been here since we moved 2 years ago have been amazed at what they see – a combination of a lot of activity with a home that seems to keep functioning through it all.
  • Walk the walk. What’s it like to walk in our shoes, without a car, and live and minister in such a big city?
  • Face to face. Meet the people we are pouring ourselves into – the ones we consider the future of Russia. They are super cool people, and they have amazing stories. Break bread with them in their apartments. It will change your values forever.
  • Witness ministry taking place. When you see what ministry happens here, how it happens, and the real people behind the stories I write, you will bond with them for life. One recent visitor had this to say about what she observed: “[Their living room] is a representation of the life and love the Thomas family pours out to their fellow believers.” Her entire thoughts are here.

Beyond seeing the ministry side of life here we will learn about the spiritual history of the city. We will also study a course that was pivotal in my own life, and has become a pillar of our work here: How to Hear God’s Voice. This course will give you a new vocabulary for communicating with God, and it will give you a deeper appreciation for what we do here.

 See some sights too!
Sure, St. Peterburg is a beautiful city, at least the beautiful parts! Click on the pictures to see more about what is in store.
The Hermitage Museum
Peterhof – Palace of Peter the Great
Church of the Spilt Blood


Our proposed trip will be leaving for Russia sometime after June 21 for about 10 days; the exact timing will depend on flight convenience and availability.  Some suggestions for people to think about if they are considering this trip:
(1) there will be much walking and standing, as all local travel will be by public transportation;
(2) be flexible and do not expect everything (or maybe even ANYthing!!)  to go absolutely according to schedule;
(3) ATM machines are readily available;
(4) do not expect the conveniences of US travel; and (5) be open to and ready for new adventures!!!
If you are interested, please contact Karen Nissan at by the 17th.

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