Luba’s Testimony

Luba is a young but quickly emerging leader in our ranks.

This testimony is from Luba, a young woman in our core group. It’s a sweeping look at all that she has learned over the last two years of her young Christian life. So it’s a good perspective on what we do here.

I learned of Christ 2 years ago. The Lord miraculously led me all this time, pushing me to different people. When I found Lyle and what he was doing, I was on a search. The teachings that were offered were a good tool for spiritual growth. And when I started to know one after another, I began to question, “What to do ? How can all this be used on a large scale?”

Now the Lord has revealed to me a lot in comparison with me a year ago. Still unaware of my calling, I am learning what I like and what the Lord leads me into. I practice what I learn, gain experience, learn different methods to serve the people. They are all individual components of one large picture or plan. But I do not know the ultimate goal. And now, thanks to this [recent] workshop, (Disciple Making Movements) I am gaining understanding, even though [I see now that] Jesus said many times in his Word openly about how we were going to reach people and their hearts, understanding His purpose for each person for each group and for me personally.

We can not just tell people about Jesus; we can become their friends, their hope, their family, help for them, “because the light shines, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

First [two years ago], the Lord showed himself to me, and I came to love Him. Then he helped me, freeing me (through Theophostic prayer) from pain, complexes, insecurities, bad habits, silly values, unnecessary principles. I received a maximum cleansing in my first year of life with Jesus. I also learned to hear His voice (through Lyle’s course Dialogue with God.) He filled me with the truth and wisdom (through the Institute of Inductive Bible Study). He protected me from what I was not yet ready for (getting engaged). He taught me to love, respect and obey in my second year [in Christ] through a change in residence, type of work, and meeting new people. He taught me ways to serve Muslims (a difficult category of people). He encouraged me in my gifts (I like to teach, show leadership, my femininity). He strengthened my faith (praying for people, for their healing, prophesying to them ). He gave me wise mentors to expand my vision of God’s plan for me and for us (Lyle, Nastya [also in our core group], Shirinay, and my Mom). He gave me a test to raise me to a new level of intimacy with Him. And now, little by little, He reveals to me what He wants for me.

He loves so much, gives so much, and wants to give more, but we can’t take it all in! The Disciple Making Model – it’s like a light onto the overall picture of our mission, and I want to be a part of this great movement that Jesus is stirring in our country.

These days the enemy is very strong and is not giving over territory easily. This is a spiritual battle for the souls of men. But the Lord is preparing us, He also teaches us in a new way and is preparing us for just such a mission. To date, we have modern tools for the liberation of souls, for strengthening them, and for ushering in a new golden age.
Thanks for everything, Lord!



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