Learning to hear from God

One of my main goals personally while on vacation in France this summer was work on an independent study project I’ve started to learn how to hear God’s voice better. The material I am using comes from Communion with God Ministries, which I have known about and promoted for years, but never actually did their basic course all the way through for myself.

And too bad! It is turning out to be a personal revolution in my spiritual life to learn how to do tow-way journaling with God. The author, Mark Virkler, is wonderful at helping left-brain skeptics like me work through all the million questions, biblical basis, personal doubts, and frustrations that come up as you go. There are answers!

The bonus is that I decided to try it with my kids during our daily devotional time, and the results blew me and Diana away. Lydia is naturally gifted spiritually, but she was very encouraged by some time she spent with God struggling with some personal fears and sense of loneliness. Simon, as the youngest, did very little writing, but since G
od uses pictures more than we realize, he got some awesome things to draw that really spoke to his heart. One was a picture of God cracking an egg open, representing Him bringing Simon into life as a baby. Simon felt God was showing him how special He had made him.

Kerith was the one who has been the most impacted. He loved to journal on a ladder to be “closer to heaven” and he made himself a “prayer box” to go with him when he journals.

For example, he had been struggling with feeling unforgiven for his sins, and God wiped that away with one remark and a picture he got about Jesus on the cross. Another couple of examples:

K: Lord, what do you think about and care about me?
G: You are a wise, clever, and beyoutefull boy, and i care deeply about you.

K: Wont you ever get bored in hevans?
G: Inposibill!!

The most amazing time of all had to to with Kerith’s fear of bees, which was near comical. We would be sittin

g around eating outside, and a bee would come around. All of us were calm, but he would get so upset he would have to leave.
This conversation was at his own initiative, however.
K: Lord, can you take away my fear of bees?
G: Close your eyes.
[Kerith then reported that he felt a sort of internal vibration through his body.]
G: Hey, a bee landed on your shoulder.
[Kerith opens his eyes and actually sees a bee on his shoulder. He has no reaction, and the bee flies away.]
From this point on, Kerith became totally calm around bees.

I’d say there is power in hearing God’s voice!

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