A Kingdom Enterprise

Dormant in my long list of dreams is the desire to start one or more businesses that would be a complement to the overall strategy of empowering Russian leaders toward a sustainable indigenous missions movement. My first run at this goal happened just one year into our new life here in Russia. God connected me with a local Christian business man with a heart to share his success with others in ministry to generate income for them to be less dependent on tent making (the story which I discuss here). That dream has not (yet!) become reality, but even if it doesn’t, I beleive that some seeds were sown for the future, not the least of which was getting the attention of Enterprise International, our agency’s division dedicated to starting and sustaining highly profitable ventures for CRM projects.

And the main reason that first project didn’t get off the ground: lack of an Enterprise person here on the ground to manage it.

Fast forward 18 months. Chapter 2 of this story began this summer when we found out that Enterprise had begun serious negotiations with a man who is feeling a call on his life to use his business gifts and experience to serve orphans. Chris White and his wife, Jill, adopted a Russian boy last year, and the experience broke their hearts for the plight of the orphans left behind that they were NOT able to adopt. Since then, God has been moving on them to consider leaving the only home they have known (Birmingham) – where all their closest family and friends live, and making an international move to St. Petersburg.

Chris and Jill brought Luke (2 1/2) with them this past week for a visit to see if they were really hearing from God or not, to explore the city, learn more about the Harbor, and get to know their potential team members. It was exciting to talk possibilities with them, take them around the city, and have powerfull meetings with the staff of the Harbor about how a business could come alongside them, not only for the income, but also to benefit the residents directly, through job training and other such venues.

The process for them has just begun, so we don’t know where and how this will end, but we got along well and are excited about what God has invested in them for “just such a time as this.” Pray with us for God’s leading, wisdom, and favor – for breakthoughs in Russia that will take His work to another level!

P.S. As further confirmation of God’s intention to do something new here in St. Petersburg, the Whites are not the only ones considering a move to our team. There are several others who feel a call for Russia and/or the orphans that are either praying about their next steps, and some already in the process of raising money to move here. Please also pray for this larger process of building a strategic apostolic team here. I see this all as advance work for something big coming down the road.


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