Raising up Husband leaders

I had the joy of being able to start a “class” this summer for husbands, centered around a study I wrote a few years ago that I called, On Becoming Mr. Ephesians.” 25 men from 5 different churches came to participate. We started with a viewing of “Fireproof,” which didn’t fail to move the men to tears. From there, we broke into groups, where they discussed the first several (of 30 total) topics, all based on Eph. 5:25-32. By the end of the day, all were ready to commit to finishing the study by doing the work alone, with a partner, and in small groups.

Summer has complicated things for some, so I ask for prayers that they would all finish, but I got this from one wife recently:

“I love how he is changing. He has become a lot more attentive, soft, and caring. I think it’s completely a result of the material he is covering.”

My aim is to get a few guys finished by the fall who will become group leaders for a second round. Pray for God to raise them up!


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