Vending for the Harbor

As I posted before, I have been working on an exciting project to combine business and leadership development with a local Christian business owner. Now that CRM’s Enterprise International is interested in the project, it has slowed us down, but only for the good. They are really helping us make this a great project, and we are still hopefull that they can chip in some funds before the end of the year to help sponsor a few leaders.

The latest development is a way we have found to be able to work in the Harbor so that it can be blessed and get me more involved at the same time. The idea is to sponsor several of their staff members by having them service vending machines as part of their work week. They would work fewer hours at the Harbor because of this and so that they would be able to participate in our leadership development coaching. Not only would they be able to earn more money than they do now, the Harbor would be saved the expense of ongoing overhead from staff salaries. Pray!

Update: The project made it all the way to Enterprise’s final step before funding it. The issue turned out not to be lack of funding, but their lack of ability to manage the project with so many other projects worldwide in process. What is really needed is for a person to come live here specifically devoted to business development under Enterprise. Let’s pray!


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