Paying the rent

Busy days here are days in which you get three or four things done. Take the day this week in which I paid the rent, and 8 hour ordeal. How could it take 8 hours?

  1. 8:15. Take the boys to school (45 min.)
  2. 9:00. Coaching appoint ment at school with Pastor Igor (more later).
  3. 10:00. I know it’s going to be a big and tiring day, so I sit down to plan it out. I have to:
  • Track down an ATM that gives dollars, because my rent is paid in dollars. Such ATM’s are hard to find;
  • Pay the rent;
  • Get some school books for Kerith.

So I go to the metro station, but before boarding I first make a call or two and consult with others along the way by phone to help me so that I could minimize metro stops and walking time in conjunction with my other errands. After a half hour or so of research, I find a good route, starting with a train station on the other side of the city with an ATM that gives dollars.

  1. 10:45. Leave.
  2. 11:30. Arrive at the train station. Grab a bite to eat and search for the ATM; God himslef lead me to it, because the ones I thought gave dollars were out. I had given up and left when I asked someone for help finding the book store. He suggested I look back in the train station where there was one. There was not, but right across from where it should have been was the right kind of ATM. Thank you for small victories, Lord!
  3. 12:15. Walk to a book store to get Kerith some school books.
  4. 1:15. Walk to the bank.
  5. 2:00. They inform me I can only pay at the branch where the account was opened. Argh!
  6. 2:15. Head up to that part of the city.
  7. 3:15. Pay the rent at the bank. Of course, it’s not as simple as walking in and paying. There are documents to show, much paperwork for them to fill out, and multiple departments to visit.
  8. 3:45. Go get the boys at school (45 min.)
  9. 4:45. Head home.
  10. 5:30. Arrive, my feet killing me. I can go hours at a time without being able to sit down.

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