Educational About-face

I came here certain that we still needed to homeschool our kids. We both have strong convictions about that subject, so the only remaining question was how to get them into the culture to learn the language, etc. It didn’t take me long to realize that playing on the playground is good, but an excruciatingly slow process, particularly for the boys, who aren’t as outgoing as Lydia.

Diana had already been thinking a lot about sending the boys to a local school part-time, but I was not comfortable with the idea. Then we found out through my new close associate here, Pastor Sokolov (I need to do an entry on the great things God is doing there) that their church has a Christian school, and it sounded like a possible fit.

We met this week with the director. They have only 2 slots left in their kindergarten (In Russia kindergartens are up to age 7) and our boys would round out the class of 10. We asked many questions about the routine, instructors, curriculum, etc, and were pleased with the answers. We can also pretty much “write our own ticket” in terms of how long the boys stay each day and how many days each week they attend! Some children stay from 9 am – 6 pm! We would only have the boys participate in the morning activities and perhaps not every day. It is affordable for us as well. In a word, we could hardly ask for more.

We told them “yes” today, and we really feel good about it. Our goal is for the boys to get a good foundation in Russian, make some friends, and begin to get inside the culture they are called to serve. I’m actually excited about how it will transform them and give Diana and Lydia a great chance to catch up on some things that Lydia is behind on.


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