Counseling Conference Coming

As I have reported through this school year, wonderful things are happening in our counseling training groups. People are getting set free from major and minor life issues, relationships are being healed, and even diseases are being healed. To say that my students are enthusiastic about what they are experiencing and about the possibility of imparting their new skills to others is a major understatement.

The material I have been using for counseling training over the last two years (though I have and use a number of other things as well) is Theophostic ministry because I’ve seen the amazing results, and I am convinced it is a biblical and Spirit-led approach to helping people . I have developed a relationship with the founder and leader of that ministry, Dr. Ed Smith, over the last couple of years as we have been working on the translation of their materials into Russian. Having learned that he would be coming to conduct a seminar in Austria this month, we asked ourselves, and prayed about the possibility of having him come over here at the same time to save money and time on travel. 

This is exactly what is happening. He will be leading a general seminar for the public on Saturday May 26th, and then leading an intensive training for those already trained in the basics from the 28th-30th. 

Please pray for all the many details, though I am amazed at the strength of our team in pulling this off. Very little has fallen to me to organize. Pray for a good turnout on the general session. This is what will determine if Dr. Smith gets adequately reimbursed for his time here. We are targeting two kinds of people: those who should decide to receive the training and those who could receive the ministry itself. 

There is already the faintest hint of resistance here in some circles to what we are doing, which I am not surprised about, as the ministry has generated some controversy elsewhere – understandable for how big it has gotten. But my prayer is that the Russian church would not divide over issues which are not really issues but misunderstandings and ignorance. Pray with me to that end.

Lastly, pray for long-term and nation-shaking results from this conference and the ministry that proceeds from it. The potential is no less dramatic than that. This nation needs ministries like this for it to overcome its orphan, traumatized, broken, and often rebellious heart.

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