The Lucky 13

After over 6 months of incredible labor, with constant setbacks and pointless fights with government officials, MIR succeeded in getting 13 kids out of Russia and into the hands of Christian families in the U.S this week, out of the over 100 originally approved. This video tells the good news. I wish I could relate the behind-the-scenes work it took.

I met with Andrei Gvozdovsky on Monday, (who works for MIR on the hosting program) right after he and Masha (the director, his wife) had spend most of the night traveling around the city to pick up the kids and take them to the airport. The kids aged between 2 and 15, many of whom are handicapped. Andrei’s heart went out to these kids, and he expressed hope that they would be adopted as a result of this experience. He related two short, but telling moments.

One little boy asked him, “When are we leaving?” – and the Russian word implied by car. Andrei pointed out that they would be flying. The child didn’t understand.
“Like a bird,” Andrei explained.
“That can’t be. People can’t do that.”

The other case was of a little girl who called all caregivers “mama,” whether men or women. As there are no men in her orphanage, and she apparently knew none at home, she has no idea what a father is.

That’s the orphan spirit for you – not knowing your Father.


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